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What is the Cloud?

Should you outsource your Controller or CFO?

  • Do you spend too much time at your desk, supervising your accounting functions, or keeping up with changes in tax rules and regulations?
  • Are you paying too much to have your accounting functions performed?
  • Do you worry about missed deadlines or fraud?

What do you pay for an Employee Controller?

  • Salary
  • Benefits, to include:  medical insurance, payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, retirement plan
  • Recruiting, interviewing, training, holiday, vacation and sick time
  • Office space, furniture, and equipment

 What can a Virtual Controller Team provide that an Employee Controller cannot?

  • Security that tax deadlines are met timely
  • Reduction in fraud potential
  • Secure financial records
  • Professionals educated on latest accounting; HR; and state, local and federal tax laws
  • Supervision, collaboration, and technical assistance
  • Ability to expand and contract with business without employee obligations
  • A team of knowledgeable professionals rather than one person
  • One less employee to manage

What is Virtual Accounting and will you still have control of your records?

  • When you move over to Fulton CPAs, your Quickbooks files will be moved to our SAS 70 secure server.  You will be provided access to your records through the internet 24 hours a day. 
  • The records are backed up in two locations nightly and the facility’s power is supplied by generators to protect from power outages.
  • Each business owner selects a password and the security provided surpasses that available to the usual small business owner.
  • Fulton CPAs has the ability to work in your QuickBooks file simultaneous with you or any bookkeeping personnel you might have.

Fulton CPAs can provide all of your accounting and tax services or can provide Controller only services.  See our page describing our Cloud Accounting Teams for the range of accounting services which we provide.  If you’d rather hire an in-house bookkeeper and have us supervise the employee and prepare the financials and tax returns, we offer that option as well.

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